Approach via federal highway 184


Location of the castle

The castle (shown in red on the map) is located in the castle garden not far from the center of Zerbst. The main entrance to the castle is to be found in the Schloßfreiheit street.

Guide to the city center
      Parking in the Gartenstraße:
  • At the intersection Dornburger Platz / Garten Straße turn first into the Gartenstraße.
  • After about 300 meters, take the next street left. There you'll find free parking spaces direct before the castle garden.
  • Head a bit further past the town hall and you should see the castle rising up before you.
        Parking in the Schloßfreiheit street:
  • At the intersection Roßlauer Straße / Lusoer Straße turn into the Lusoer Straße and head towards the city center.
  • Travel straight along over the Breite street until you come to the Schloßfreiheit street.
  • From Monday to Friday between 8:00 to 18:00 parking fees are applicable.
  • Head over to the castle garden and from there you'll be able to see the castle.