Call for Donations

The Zerbst castle trust fund e.V. has taken on the care and maintenance of a piece of Central German history of Pan-European importance. Both the executive committee and a large number of members are constantly working unselfishly to realise the goals and aims of the trust fund. In addition to this generous amount of personal engagement, financial resources are also urgently required. The willingness to donate, of all those interested in the preservation of the remaining east wing of the castle, will be necessary In order to highlight further signs of visible progress.

You are hereby cordially invited to make a financial contribution according to your means. Every payment into one of the trust fund's bank accounts, mentioned below, helps in the planning and realisation of the refurbishment measures, since the money available from the membership dues is by no means sufficient for this purpose. The donations shall be used to recruit new members and to enable progress through multipliers such as advertising and public as well as building activities.

Thanks to generous donations, it proved possible to raise funds for the already completed preservation measures. May we take this opportunity to request additional funds from the association, which will be needed to support the next round of preservation measures. Please help us in bringing one of the most important buildings in the city of Zerbst/Anhalt from the present into the future.Only then can the remaining substance of the building be appropriately restored to its former significance.

For your support of the project, of course, you can also obtain a receipt of payment from the trust fund. Please forward your personal details to the fund executive committee.

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Bank Details:

Kreissparkasse Anhalt-Bitterfeld IBAN: DE 25 8005 3722 3301 0199 00

Volksbank Dessau-Anhalt e. G. IBAN: DE 92 8009 3574 0004 2222 29