Membership in the Trust Fund





The Castle and the various churches have determined the visual silhouette of the town of Zerbst over the past few centuries. These days the Castle appears as a ghost of its former self. The remaining building, which is of great artistic and historical worth, lies helplessly exposed to the elements and to the process of slow destruction and decay. The other major buildings in the town share the same fate, apart from the Town Hall, which was restored in an exemplary fashion.

The people of Zerbst identify themselves to this day with "Our Castle", even though it is a ruin. Something urgent must be done so that that this important symbol of identification will not completely vanish. It's now or never, it's not too late.

We call upon the people of Zerbst and all those interested from near and far to become active in and to engage themselves in the Zerbst Castle Preservation Trust e.V. Only when many people concern themselves with constructive ideas and active participation, can our long term wishes come to fruition. Please help contribute to the preservation of such an historic and interesting complex!

Support us in our aim to allow the East Wing of the Castle to shine in its former grandeur once more and that the adjacent buildings become once again places worthy of visit, just as the Town Hall and also the Castle Park! And this not only for the people of Zerbst but also for the many tourists who visit Zerbst every year. May it so further develop!