Zerbst Castle in Anhalt
Website of the baroque residential castle
and the princely house of Anhalt-Zerbst

Town of Zerbst/Anhalt
Information service of the town of Zerbst/Anhalt
Concerning Tourism, Town Hall, Leisure, Economy

District of Anhalt-Bitterfeld
Internet portal of the District of Anhalt-Bitterfeld
Administration, Economy, Tourism and Culture

  Coat of arms Anhalt-Bitterfeld  
German Foundation for Monument Protection
Promote the conservation of monuments in Germany;
MONUMENTS Magazine with a report on the Zerbst Castle

  Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz  
Lotto-Toto Ltd. Saxony-Anhalt
organiser of lotteries and sport betting
in Saxony-Anhalt

  Sign Lotto  
Architecture Forum - Urban images Germany (registered society)
Internet platform for urban history, classical and traditional architecture,
Urban construction, reconstruction and preservation of monuments etc.

  Architecture Forum  
International Friends of Catherine II e. V.
Association for the preservation and promotion of the memory of Sophie
Auguste Friederike, Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst, later Empress of Russia

  Sign Catherine II  
International Fasch Society
Association for the research, popularization, and new productions
of the work of the Anhalt-Zerbst Kapellmeister Johann Friedrich Fasch

  Sign Fasch  
Accomodation in Sachsen-Anhalt
Hostlist of Sachsen-Anhalt with holiday flats, hotels, bording houses in Harz, Altmark and Flaeming

  Hostlist of Sachsen-Anhalt