Conditions of membership

  1. Every ordinary member of the Trust has to pay a minimum annual membership contribution in line with Paragraph 3 of this document. The contributions are to be exclusively used only for the benefit and use of the Trust Fund and its expenditures in line with the Trust Charter.

  2. Honorary and supporting members of the Trust are to be exempted from all membership financial contributions.

  3. The minimum contributions are to be reckoned thus:
    a) 24 per annum for members who work for the Trust, pensioners and those in early retirement
    b) 12 per Annum for children, students, trainees and unemployed
    Each member can, of course, contribute a larger amount in line with his/her wishes. This larger contribution is normally valid for one calendar year.

  4. The contribution must be paid in a single sum either in cash directly to the Treasurer or per bank transfer to one of the Trust Fund bank accounts.

  5. Donations and subscriptions will be accepted by the Treasurer and will be managed by him. He will be held responsible by the Board of Directors and the AGM for these incomes and their use.

  6. Moneys which accrue from the activities of the Trust will also be managed and administered by the Treasurer. Hereto is Paragraph 5 of the present document likewise relevant.

  7. The Treasurer can administer financial sums up to 200 as petty cash and sums, over and beyond this amount, in the already mentioned bank accounts.

  8. This contribution stipulation was resolved and ratified at the founding meeting , which took place on the 7th of March 2003.