Exhibition rooms on the ground floor

Räume Schlossentwicklung Erdgeschoss

  Pictures of the castle development
Views of the once magnificent palace complex and the rooms before the destruction as well as poignant pictures afterwards illustrate the history of the castle. Floor plans and a genealogy of the Anhalt-Zerbst Princely House complete what is shown. The depiction of the construction measures carried out by the Förderverein symbolises that the history of the castle is being continued.
Ausstellungsräume I bis III

  Exhibition rooms I to III
The three separate exhibition rooms on the ground floor are of particular importance. On the basis of numerous objects, the history of the castle becomes tangible and can be experienced up close. Special exhibits include the sandstone figure "Stärke/Strength", doors from the princely floor, faiences from the Zerbst manufactory and a collection of original copper engravings with castle views.

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In the Lapidarium, which opened in 2013, fragments can be seen that came to light in the early years of the association as part of the successive clearing of the ground floor and cellar rooms and in the vicinity of the castle. The spolia are assigned to their places of origin at and in the castle. Inscriptions and large historical photos with markings illustrate the provenances.
Ausstellungen im Corps de logis

  "The Zerbst Castle - History, Builders and Artists"
The new permanent exhibition, which opened in 2021, focuses on the history of the residence from the castle to the baroque palace and its destruction to its reconstruction by the association. In addition, the most important artists involved in the construction of the castle are highlighted. Not only her work in Anhalt-Zerbst is discussed, but also her other works in other places.

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The opening hours of the exhibitions in the castle can be viewed under the heading "Sightseeing".

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