Exhibition rooms on the 1st floor

Apartment of Johanna Elisabeth

Apartment Johanna Elisabeth
Apartment of Friedrich August

Apartment Friedrich August

From 2005 to 2013, with the introduction of reinforced concrete ceilings as part of security measures, the cubatures of the rooms on the first floor of the east wing, which were completely destroyed in 1945, were rebuilt, which once belonged to the apartments of Princess Johanna Elisabeth and Prince Friedrich August.

In the early days, only historical room views and portraits of princes were presented in individual rooms of the southern suite of Princess Johanna Elisabeth. Then the successive design of all ten rooms took place on the basis of a historical inventory from 1797. Their original functions and former appearance were thus clarified. Particularly impressive are two full-size rooms, visualized according to traditional photographs and file documents, which give an impressive impression of the Rococo period.

After the rooms of the northern suite, once inhabited by Friedrich August, were reserved for special exhibitions for years, the design began in 2020 as a princely apartment.

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