Basement with castle kitchen

Upper Castle Kitchen
  In the basement of the main wing, the oldest part of the Baroque residence, a small remnant of the former castle kitchen has been preserved, in which the food for the princely family and for farm festivals was once prepared. After the implementation of security measure VI/3, the Förderverein 2014/15 vividly decorated the upper and lower vaults with various objects. The original use of the kitchen is now comprehensible.  
Lower Castle Kitchen
  Particularly impressive is the lower kitchen vault with a large fire stove, warming plate and mighty esse from the late 17th century. Historical kitchen utensils illustrate how it was once cooked, fried, smoked and baked. The exposed fountain was used to supply water to the kitchen, which was also pumped to the ground floor via tubes. The washing water flowed outside via a sandstone gutter.

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