Basement with castle kitchen

Upper Castle Kitchen
  In the basement of the main building, the oldest part of the baroque residence, a small remnant of the former castle kitchen has been preserved, where once the meals were prepared for the princely family and for court festivities. After realising the protective measure VI/3, in 2014/15 the Association had the upper and lower arches vividly decorated with various objects. It is now possible to visualise how the kitchen was originally used.  
Lower Castle Kitchen
  Particularly impressive is the lower kitchen vault with a large fire hearth, hotplate and powerful forge from the late 17th century. Historical kitchenware can demonstrate how, at that time, how people were able to cook, roast, smoke and bake. The exposed fountain delivered water to the kitchen and it was also pumped through tubes upto the ground floor. The wash water flowed over a sand stone trough to the outside of the building.
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