Apartment of Princess Johanna Elisabeth

First princely anteroom
princely anteroom
Second princely anteroom
princely anteroom
Audience Chamber
Green Cabinet
Cedar Cabinet

Princess Johanna Elisabeth, the mother of the Russian Empress Catherine II, moved into her new apartment in the east wing of the castle in 1753. It comprised twelve rooms and had an area of 448 square meters. Destroyed in 1945, the Friderician Rococo style suite was the most precious in the residence.

After extensive construction measures and designs, the rooms are accessible again. The representative rooms include the First and Second Princely Antechambers, the Audience Chamber and the Green Cabinet. The private area includes the adjoining chamber, today portrait gallery, the service room, now porcelain room, the anteroom, the bedroom (formerly with alcove, retirade and library) as well as the cedar cabinet and the yellow cabinet.

Today, two visualized rooms form the highlights of this apartment. The Second Princely Antechamber was opened in 2010, the Cedar Cabinet in 2015. Historical photographs formed the basis for the creation of the wall unfoldings as well as the floors and ceilings on the computer. The printed foils were then placed in the rooms.


Apartment of Prince Friedrich August

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