Apartment of Prince Friedrich August
Special exhibitions

Exhibition Zarskoje Selo
  In the years 2013-14 the specially created exhibition, "Tsarskoye Selo - the summer residence of the tsars of Russia", a product of German-Russian cooperation, was presented. It showed the development of the Catherine Palace, illustrated by pictures taken before and after the destruction of the Second World War, as well as those taken during the restoration later on. The State Museum Reserve "Tsarskoye Selo" Pushkin / St. Petersburg presented images and texts.  
Exhibition Eremitage
  Two students from the Technical University of Berlin, Manja Nöldner and Dominic Schendel, planned as part of their Master's thesis, the use of Zerbst castle as a branch of the Hermitage in Russia. The designs originating from this study and two models which show the new interpretation of the palace as well as the palace gardens with its outbuildings were presented 2015 in the former hall of the apartment to the public.  

Apartment of Johanna Elisabeth

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