Exhibition room II
The princely and the castle garden buildings

Exhibition room II
  In the middle of the 2nd exhibition room one's gaze is immediately struck by the "Aloe tower". This 1:10 scale model of a special Agave grow house is derived from a drawing from the year 1732. The original once stood directly in front of the main Orangery. Another scale model depicts a tower for orange plantings from the period circa 1870. Both of these objects were kindly lent by the Prussian Castle and Garden Foundation, Berlin-Brandenburg.  
The most interesting piece of the exhibition is a plate with engraved coat of arms from the middle of the 18th. century This porcelain plate from a Chinese table set once belonged to the princess Johanna Elisabeth von Anhalt-Zerbst, the mother of the future Czarina of Russia, Catherine the great. A genealogy from the year 1709 and original fragments of the princely correspondence provide information about the former inhabitants of the castle. Additionally one can see the castle and the town of Zerbst laid out on engravings.

Two illustrations of the former burial vault in the castle show the artistic quality of the sarcophagi of the Zerbst princely family. Many impressive fragments of the heavily damaged coffins, some on loan from the Evangelical Church of St. Bartholomew in Zerbst/Anhalt, can be seen in the two display cases.

Exhibition room I
History of the castle and the work of the Trust

Exhibition room III
Copper engraving cabinet

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