Exhibition room III
Copper engraving cabinet

Exhibition room III
  In 2011 the heating duct to the copper engraving display cabinet was altered. There are many original copper engravings to be seen with imposing views both from outside as well as from inside the baroque castle Zerbst. Several maps as well as copper engravings of the period illustrate just how large was Anhalt in the first half of the 18th century.  
Objects from from the Baroque and Rococo era, belonging to the former decor of the palace, are exhibited in the display case. These include shards of porcelain and faience products, fragments of faience tiles and sconce frames, as well as marble fragments of a console table-top and a fireplace-surround amongst others. Oyster shells from the immediate environment of the castle and clay smoking pipes bear witness to the culture of everyday life at the Zerbst court.

Exhibition room I
History of the castle and the work of the Trust

Exhibition room II
The princely and the castle garden buildings

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